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Why we started free online training on mobile & computer Field??

As we are in century. Each and  everything is digitizing,It is better to have general knowledge of every product which we used most.Since 51% of total population of world used internet with computer/ smart phone.Here we started with some basic computer courses and mobile & Laptop/Desktop repairing course.In this series we will teach you basic computer to advanced/ professional level of repairing.These course are designed for those students who want DIY ( Do It Yourself ).  This support their want as well to start their carrier as professional repairing technician.

Start Your Free Online Training From Basic

Start your free online training from Basic computer or electronics if you like repairing only.Complete the course without skipping single text.Since each steps and procedures are clearly shown and written in sequential order so jumping onto other steps directly may affect the learning,every content on this course is equally important to become professional .

Why we have include picture & video on free online training

As we know a picture/video worth thousands of words written in a sheet of paper. So,  diagrams/video will add more beauty and sweetness in the text and will make easy to learn. It will give a concise and eagle eye view on the subject matters we want to study.  We will learn so many things if followed with patience. After this trainee will be able to solve the problems which they have to faced in their professional carrier. They may start their career as a professional trainer too. This is a golden chance to boost and magnify one’s capacity as per  their  interest.

Start Your Course From Here

Start your course from here and let you advance with time. Hope you’ll enjoy and optimize the teaching and wish you all the best to come.If you find difficult to understand contents of this site  you can asked visual training/ live support. It will be our pleasure to serve you in any condition.Our team is ready for the same.

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